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Novelty Phones
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Mickey Desk Phone $49.95
This Classic Mickey Mouse Telephone boasts a fun, festive design and exceptional detailing -- right down to Mickey's yellow-clad feet! This fully functioning Disney delight features:
• Conventional ringer
• Last number redial
• Tone/pulse switchability
• FCC and ETL approved
• Ltd One Year Warranty

The Classic Mickey Mouse Desk Telephone makes a perfect gift for any Disney fan!
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: CLASSMICK-CHIP

Mickey Mouse Animated Telephone $68.99
This adorable Mickey Mouse M.C. Animated Telephone features Mickey as a radio talk show host. Dressed in a black "velvet" tuxedo with tails & his red shorts and red bow tie. He holds the microphone in his left hand. The phone rings ... Mickey Mouse pulls the mic to his mouth and responds. When listening to his talk show callers, Mickey moves the microphone back from his mouth. The signs on the base of the phone will "light up" with "On Air" and "Applause"!!

Telephone Features:

  • Ringer has real "voice" sound using Mickey's voice!
  • Mickey will move and talk when the telephone rings
  • Light Up signs for Applause & On-Air Demonstration Button
  • Ringer switchable to conventional sound Ringer On/Off
  • Last Number Redial
  • Flash key
  • Tone/Pulse Switchable
  • FCC & ETL Approved
  • Requires Four "C" Batteries (not included)
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: MC-MICKEY

Mickey Mouse Cordless Telephone $79.95
Now you can enjoy your favorite Disney Character, Mickey Mouse, in this newly designed 900 MHZ cordless telephone. With Mickey dressed in his classic colors of red and black, this phone will add convenience and charm to just about any room in the home. When the phone rings, Mickey will move and talk in his unique, yet charming original voice. The perfect phone for the children's bedroom as well. What a great gift idea!

Phone Features:

  • Moving and talking animation
  • 34 Channel auto/manual
  • Digital security codes
  • Handset locator
  • Speed dial
  • Up to 5 hours talk time
  • Demonstration button
  • AC adapter included
  • Volume control
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: MICKEY-CORDLESS

Minnie Mouse Phone $59.97
Minnie Mouse will speak when the phone "rings"! This telephone shows Minnie Mouse as the phone stand. Minnie has on her trademark red polka dot dress and hairbow with her yellow shoes! Next to her on the phone base is a picture of Mickey Mouse.

Telephone Features:

• Ringer has real "voice" sound with 5 sayings!

• Sayings include:
1. "Oh! The phone!"
2. "I wonder if it's for me?"
3. "Maybe it's Mickey."
4. "But it could be for you!"
5. "Oh well, guess they'll have to try again later!

• Ringer switchable to conventional sound
• Ringer On/Off
• Last Number Redial
• Mute Button
• Tone/Pulse Switchable
• FCC & ETL Approved


approximately 11" high x 9.5" wide x 8" deep

Batteries not included

Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: MINNIE-CHIP

Pluto Phone $49.95
With an incoming call, Pluto will wag his tail, bark and whimper as Mickey Mouse gives him commands. Redial and volume control.
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: PLUTO

Get nutty with your telephone fashion with this M&M Megaphone. Single-piece design features the yellow peanut M&M character holding a megaphone.
  • When the phone rings, simply pick it up and hear the caller through the megaphone.
  • Touchtone keypad is located on underside of phone.
  • Features include flash, redial, and ringer and speaker volume controls.
Manufacturer: Polyconcepts / Product ID: M&M_MEGAPHONE

Pooh & Friends Animated Phone $69.95
Pooh and Piglet move and talk with incoming calls or with the push of the Demo button.

* Five(5) Custom Phrases
* Demo button
* Redial
* Tone/pulse switchable
* Volume control
* Batteries required

Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: POOH_FRIENDS

Scooby-Doo Phone $69.95
Animated talking phone features Scooby Doo and Shaggy which come to life with an incoming call or the touch of the demo button, conventional or animation ringer. Spooky sounds will come from the phone while the eyes of the “creatures of the night” light up.
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: SCOOBYDOO

Shrek designer compact corded telephone $29.97
  • Sound bite ringer with Shrek voices
  • Matte black base and handset
  • Handset stands in base
  • Keypad in handset only
  • High-gloss, colorful Shrek image on back of handset
  • Demo button
  • Last number redial/flash
  • Wall mountable
  • Handset and ringer volume control
  • Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
  • Ringer on/off
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: SHREK-BASIC

Spiderman Animated Phone $54.95
  • Spiderman animated novelty telephone
  • Spiderman throws web and talks with incoming call or touch of demo
  • Light show and music activate with incoming call or touch of demo
  • Exact replica of Marvel's Spiderman action hero
  • Last number redial
  • Custom or conventional ringer
  • Tone/pulse option
  • Requires 4 C batteries (not included)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Electronic push button keypad in handset
  • Fully modular
  • Spiderman stands on a black base, he is shown in his traditional red
    and blue colors
Manufacturer: Telemania / Product ID: SPIDERMAN